Collaborating to promote synergies, opportunities and find solutions

The general objective of Conama’s Technical Committee 6  is to provide an adequate space to help different economic and social actors improve their knowledge about climate and nature-related financial risks as well as the management of these risks. 30 organisations, including public administrations, regulators, financial entities, companies from different sectors, professional and business associations, foundations, non-governmental organizations and academia are participating. 




Conama’s TC6 is working in drafting an informative document that aims to be useful to all Spanish economic and social actors. This document will compile an overview of the current situation of climate and nature-related risks in terms of regulation, and a compendium of emerging initiatives working in this field. It will also include a list of methodologies and tools that facilitate the management of these risks and the main obstacles found by businesses when addressing climate and nature-related risks and their possible solutions.


In addition, the document will show examples about how an appropriate climate and nature-related risk management can contribute to strengthen adaptation to climate change and hence social resilience to it. This specific section aims at contributing to the general objective of the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change 2021-2030 (PNACC 2021-2030) of “promoting coordinated and coherent action against the effects of climate change in Spain in order to avoid or reduce present and future damages derived from climate change and build a more resilient economy and society.” 

In order to collect valuable and quality information on these topics, members of the TC6 Committee have launched a consultation. 


We really appreciate that you share the information regarding this consultation with all those professionals you might know could be interested in participating.

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