Webinars of the Natural Capital Factory

In this section we collect the results of webinars organized by the Natural Capital Factory and in collaboration with other organisations on different topics that we address on the platform. Here you will find a compendium of online seminars on different initiatives and existing projects that work to improve knowledge about natural capital approaches and the development of solutions in this area to facilitate the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in decision-making processes

How to improve climate and nature-related disclosure​

As the potential risks associated with climate change and environmental degradation are better understood, companies are expected to provide information in their reporting on how they are responding to these risks and opportunities.


The aim of this online workshop organised in collaboration with Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDBS) in the framework of the National Environmental Congress (Conama) was to help companies provide a sufficient level of climate and environmental information necessary to inform investor decision-making and make capital allocations which ultimately support the transition to a low-carbon climate-resilient economy.


LIFE Methodology and LIFE Key Europe: tools to help business and finance to measure biodiversity

This webinar was organised as a “partner event” of the EU Green Week 2020 to present the LIFE Methodology developed by LIFE Institute from Brazil to help business and finance sector to objectively quantify their impact on natural resources. 

Alice Alexandre, Executive Director of LIFE Institute, introduced both the Methodology and the LIFE Key software, developed to improve the efficiency of environmental data and reporting. David Álvarez, Executive Director of Ecoacsa, explained the adaptation process to the European context, whose pilot phase will start in November 2020 in Spain.  

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Guidelines for planning and monitoring corporate biodiversity performance

Many companies strive for a unified picture of their biodiversity performance, especially if they are involved in multiple activities, sites, products or brands, with multiple raw materials and supply chains. To help them deal with these issues, the International Union for Nature Conservation has issued for public comment the “Draft Guidelines for Planning and Monitoring Corporate Biodiversity Performance.”


Giulia Carbone, Executive Director of the IUCN Global Business and Biodiversity Programme held a live discussion with Spanish business representatives on how to enhance the Guidelines in order to make them more useful for businesses.

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