The Natural Capital Factory (NCF) arises to facilitate in Spain the encounter between responsible companies which are interested in being part of the international natural capital movement, as well as in developing projects, methodologies and tools which facilitate natural capital valuation within organizations.


There has been a significant progress on natural capital thinking in the last years, but its approaches are still in an early stage of implementation and there is a lot more to work and learn in this field. Being aware of this and after identifying a growing interest of Spanish business sector for what happens in the natural capital sphere at global scale, and in order to help boost and advance progress towards achieving national and international goals related to this area, Ecoacsa has set underway the Natural Capital Factory.


The Factory is a regional platform of the Natural Capital Coalition —a unique multi-stakeholder collaboration that brings together leading initiatives and organizations from around the world to harmonized approaches to conserve and enhance natural capital.

A Natural Capital Regional Platform is a collaboration of interested parties coming together at a national, sub-national, local or regional level to advance natural capital thinking. Natural Capital Coalition Regional Platforms operate independently from the Natural Capital Coalition.


Regional Platform Coordinators are neither employed nor contracted by the Natural Capital Coalition and Regional Platforms do not receive funding from the Natural Capital Coalition, although the Coalition may help to identify potential funds, and support funding bids and proposals where appropriate. While Regional Platform Coordinators may stand to receive economic benefit from running the Platform, they must follow the principles of Representation, Collaboration and Sharing, and not exclude interested parties from joining the platforms activities.