Webinar on measuring the positive impact of investments on biodiversity

2019_12_10_Midiendo Impacto Positivo Inversión en Biodiversidad

Bending the curve on our current biodiversity crisis is key to sustainable land use and a healthy planet. In doing so, the private sector will play a crucial role and it must invest in biodiversity. Measuring impact from those investments requires that there are agreed upon methodologies and terminology to familiarize the financial sector with biodiversity in support of higher commitment to action.


On December 11th (15:00 pm CET) will take place a webinar on “Measuring the positive impacts of investments on biodiversity”, where panelists will tackle key questions such as, “How should positive impacts on biodiversity be defined? Can reducing negative impacts on biodiversity be considered as a positive impact? How should financial institutions’ s report on these impacts and how to reach a ‘net-positive-gain’? Furthermore, what baseline should be used to measure impact, a pristine situation or a situation which operates within the planetary boundaries?”


Speakers taking part on the panel of discussion are Caroline van Leenders, Process Manager Greening the Financial System, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Foo Quality of the Netherlands, Wiknand Broer, Partner at CREM, David Álvarez, CEO at Ecoacsa, and Anna Krotova, Manager Sustainable Standars of GRI. To broaden this conversation, experts on the field will share insights on how to Measure the Impact of Investments on Biodiversity will use this digital summit to open the debate to a broader audience informing the way ahead:

Join the summit here and take a look and download the report Positive impacts in the biodiversity footprint. Financial institutions here.


This webinar will follow up on and discuss the outcomes of the Global Landscape Forum 2019 celebrated in Luxembourg on 30th November.

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