Webinar “LIFE Methodology and LIFE Key Europe: Tools for business biodiversity management”

Webinar "LIFE Methodology and LIFE Key Europe: Tools for business biodiversity management"

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EU Green Week Partner Event

The LIFE Methodology will be the protagonist of our next webinar, organised in collaboration with the LIFE Institute, which will take place next Wednesday, October 14 at 3:00 p.m. (CET).

Maria Alice Alexandre, Executive Director of the LIFE Institute, will use real business application examples to explain how LIFE Methodology supports organisations to manage, analyse and disseminate  environmental data.


The LIFE Methodology helps organisations identify their impacts and design a strategic plan to reduce, mitigate and compensate them, including a specific approach to reduce impacts on the supply chain. 

The adaptation of the LIFE Methodology to the European context has been carried out by Ecoacsa, whose Executive Director, David Álvarez, will also participate in the webinar to explain what this adaptation process has consisted of.

LIFE Methodology enables organisations to quantify objectively their impact on natural resources. It also provide strategic guidance to organisations to guarantee the effectiveness of their conservation actions.

Thus, the organisational management for sustainability must necessarily incorporate actions that contribute to improve environmental management, to measure and reduce the company’s impact and to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems services.


With the aim of being a real useful tool to business sector, LIFE Methodology considers:

LIFE Key web is a management tool that improves the efficiency of environmental data management and reporting.

The use of the software also allows evaluation of conservation actions implemented by the organisation.

The software generates detailed and executive reports supporting the decision-making process regarding the maintenance of biodiversity and the resilience of ecosystem services.

This online event is an EU Green Week partner event, jointly organised by LIFE Institute and the Natural Capital Factory – an initiative by Ecoacsa-. The webinar will build on the case studies from companies that have already used LIFE Key to:

For further information or queries, send an email to comunicacion@naturalcapitalfactory.com or contato@institutolife.org

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