Mobilizing private finance for nature

A new World Bank Group (WBG) report ‘Mobilizing Private Finance for Nature’ looks at the current state of play for private finance for biodiversity and ecosystem services. The report argues that the financial sector, has a critical role to play in addressing the global biodiversity crisis, and that governments and regulators hold the key to harnessing the power of the financial sector to mobilize private finance at scale to protect nature.The report highlights a set of “Big 5” ideas for actions that can be taken to better integrate biodiversity risk and opportunities into private sector decisions. These range from environment fiscal reform and better data collection, to broad support of the recently-announced Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). Basado en una comprensión profunda de los procesos de los ecosistemas y cómo se ven afectados por la actividad económica, el nuevo marco presentado en este informe, que fue encargado por el Tesoro del Reino Unido, establece las vías en que la naturaleza debe ser tenida en consideración en la economía y la toma de decisiones.

"The report provides essential guidance on the ‘how to’ of taking private finance to scale. There are several innovative instruments that can help stop runaway biodiversity loss. What is needed is strong political will and coordinated action by the private sector, aided by regulators and governments to bring solutions to scale and ultimately impact economies and the ecosystems they rely on.”, La naturaleza es nuestro hogar. La buena economía exige que la gestionemos mejor».

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