Exploring the needs and challenges that business and financial sectors have when exploring and completing biodiversity measurement and natural capital management accounting

Organisations promoting the recently presented Align project invite businesses and financial institutions from the EU (and beyond) to participate in their first Annual Survey to gather input to develop guidance and recommendations on a standard for biodiversity measurement and natural capital management accounting. 


Align is a three-year business-focused and business-driven project. Businesses and other stakeholders in the field of natural capital management accounting and corporate biodiversity measurement, valuation and disclosure will have various opportunities to engage in the project throughout its lifespan. Among the engagement activities is an annual survey.


The objectives of this survey are:

  • 1. Confirm needs, interests and challenges of the broader Align community members with regard to (i) corporate biodiversity measurement approaches, and (ii) corporate natural capital management accounting (NCMA) experience. NCMA goes beyond biodiversity and includes air, water and land.
  • 2. Establish a baseline of business knowledge and business experience on both issues Identify key areas of potential alignment in both areas.
  • 3. Identify key areas of potential alignment in both areas.
  • 4. Secure initial input into the way in which biodiversity measurement challenges can best be addressed.
  • 4. Secure initial understanding of training & education, and research & innovation needs and potential actions to address.
  • 6. Input into initial development of a biodiversity measurement standardised approach for business

The aim is to develop a generally accepted set of methods, indicators and criteria for corporate biodiversity measurement tools and approaches, sector specific guidance for site based, value chain and finance sector companies and a standardised approach to measure corporate impacts and dependencies on biodiversity.

Members of the Align community are joining as individuals and are not representing their organisation. In this regard, respondents should aim to answer from one perspective which represents their current experience and views. 

Complete Align’s first Annual Survey here. For further information about Align’s project and opportunities of engagement click on here.

Align is funded by the European Commission, and led by WCMC Europe, Capitals Coalition, Arcadis and UNEP-WCMC.

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