Drivers and current and future practice for biodiversity measurement, reporting and disclosure

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The Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business collaboration has recently published a review paper on the drivers and current practice around business measurement, reporting and disclosure and the role of these approaches in future business disclosure for informing global policy targets. It is entitled Biodiversity measures for business: Corporate biodiversity measurement, reporting and disclosure within the current and future global policy context.


In addition, the review paper provides recommendations for policy makers to create a step change in business action to measure biodiversity impacts, dependencies and performance.


Authors of the review paper highlight that:

Drivers for biodiversity measurement, reporting and disclosure by business are strengthening

Current and future practice of business biodiversity reporting and disclosure needs improvement


The engagement of the private sector will be essential to the successful implementation of the post2020 global biodiversity framework. Determining the scope, scale and success of such engagement will require a step change in business action to measure their biodiversity impacts and dependencies and performance. To enable this, government policy makers are collectively encouraged to undertake the following:

Build business awareness of the value of biodiversity and how to measure impacts and dependencies

Ensure a business-relevant post-2020 global biodiversity framework

Require mandatory corporate biodiversity performance disclosure


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