Biodiversity and ecosystem services: a business case for re/insurance

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: A business case for re/insurance

The report, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: A business case for re/insurance, by Switzerland reinsurance company Swiss Re reveals that over half (55%) of global GDP is dependent on biodiversity and ecosystem services. It also shows that in a fifth of all countries, ecosystems are in a fragile state for more than 30% of the entire country area. The results obtained are based in the Swiss Re Institute's Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Index, whose analysis also highlights which economic sectors are most reliant on nature and the exposure each country has to biodiversity and ecosystems services decline. According to the document, there is a clear need to assess the state of ecosystems so that the global community can minimise further negative impact on economies across the world. This important piece of work provides a data-driven foundation for understanding the economic risks of deteriorating biodiversity and ecosystems.

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